Thursday, July 21, 2016

Post Mission Update (Feb to July)

Post Mission Update (February through July)


It was a long trip home from Africa, but we arrived safely.  Audra and David picked us up from the airport and drove us back to Sequim.  Audra had filled the cupboards full of all sorts of food and goodies, so we wouldn't have to starve.  We put it all to good use.  We miss our dear friends in Ghana, but we are glad to be back home.

Daniel visit

We did get to visit in Sequim, with Susan and Daniel for a short time and that was nice.  We were able to see other family members, who came to Dan's father-in-laws Ken's funeral.  We were sad to loose him, but happy to see so many people honor him. 

March birthdays for Lorna and Elias

It is always fun to share birthday celebrations and we always make the most of it.

Dinner with Mitchell's in March

Back home in Sequim, we had a family dinner at our house.  We didn't know then, that we would soon be packing up and moving.  With Amber and family moving to Rexburg, Idaho, we decided to sell the house and move near Vancouver Washington, to be close to Audra and family.  We put the house on the market and it sold in 2 days at full price, so took that as an answer that we should make the move.  

This is one of our last meals with the Mitchell grandparents, Bill and Linda.  Steve, Grace and Elias came too.  Amber and Noah have moved ahead of the others, while Amber starts her job at BYUI.

April - Utah Trip

We went to Utah for General Conference and to see family and friends, both in Utah and Idaho.   We got to visit the Robisons and pick up some of the boxes that they shipped home for us from Africa.
It is always wonderful to be at General Conference and feel the sweet spirit there.  While walking around the conference center, someone called out to us.  It was one of our returned missionaries from Africa, who had come to conference.  It is a small world, that's for sure.

We also attended a mission reunion for the West Indies and were able to see President Gamiette.  He is always so much fun and we cherish the time we served with him. We love visiting and sharing memories from our missions.



May - Noah Mitchell Ordination

Amber and Noah came back from Idaho, so that Noah could be ordained here in Sequim, a teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood.  They asked grandpa Malmrose to do the ordination and he was pleased to do so.  What a nice young man Noah is turning out to be and we are proud of him.


Packing up furniture to move to Ridgefield

The day finally came for the movers to pack up the furniture.  We were surprise that they could get everything into the van, but they did.  The new house we were buying hadn't closed as yet, but the owner let us move all our furniture into the house ahead of the closing, so that was nice. 


June = Packing up for U-Haul move &New owners move in

The house finally closed and we packed up all the rest of the stuff into boxes.  The ward priesthood brethren, including the Bishop, came and helped put it all into the UHaul truck we rented.  The UHaul place had a bunch of malmroses in front of their office, so we took a picture of them.

The new owners, the Clarks, were very happy to be able to move into the house and have made it their home in every way.  We are pleased that such nice folks bought it and will take good care of it.  It was bitter sweet for us to leave a place we had been so happy in, but we are off to a new adventure. 

                                                                                                         Cathy & Wayne Clark

Jensens welcome to our new home

It takes a while to feel at home in a new house, but it helps when family come to visit and make a house a home.  Jensen's were happy to help us get settled and we love having them come.


Visit to Sequim for Grace's birthday

Grace had a birthday, so we traveled back to Sequim to celebrate with her.  We got a kick out of where she carries her cell phone.  



A daddy daughter moment to share.

July = Grandson Isaak returns from mission field

Isaak returned from his mission and we couldn't believe how much he had grown, in every way.  His grandpa said he is not allowed to be taller than grandpa, but he didn't listen.  Time marches on and we just get older.

It was fun to share his mission memories.  We attended his Sacrament meeting talk, and the same day we talked in our new Ridgefield ward and they came to our talk.  Families are so wonderful, and we love each of them, even if they grow up.