Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 2015 MTC Update

It’s hard to believe that we are coming upon our 6th month here in Ghana.  The time does go very fast when we are so busy.  Nevertheless, we are still enjoying serving here and being with such great people.  It thrills us to hear the sweet testimonies of these wonderful young missionaries from all over the world.  Most of them are from Africa, but we do get a few from other places too. 

The weather continues much the same and the days are warm, but the skies are cloudy due to the dust clouds that blow from up north in the continent.  This will continue until the rains come and clean out the skies.  It is warm, but not too hot.  It helps to have air conditioning.  All in all, it isn’t too uncomfortable, and we try to get out and walk every day to enjoy the fresh air.

 January 2015 MTC Update 

 The sun rises everyday at the same time, 6AM and sets at 6PM.  I took these pictures out of our apartment window, a few minutes to 6 in the morning.  After a few minutes, voila, up comes the sun.  

We also have some interesting creatures.  Can you see this one?

 We did have an enjoyable holiday with our missionaries and other senior missionaries.  This is one of our last groups of the year, just prior to them leaving for their mission fields. 

The Robison’s friend Heidi, who visited us once before, came again.  She is a delightful person and has her own business, so she can schedule her trips when she wants to.  She is lots of fun and the instructors love her too.  She held a New Year’s Party in her apartment, and boy did they have a great time.  We also were able to do a little sightseeing with her, and that is always nice.

We have a devotional with an area authority, on a regular basis and really enjoy hearing their words of wisdom.

One more devotional and they were ready to graduate from the MTC and get to work.

One of our challenges is learning to pronounce some of their names.  This is especially true of those from Madagascar.  Try to pronounce this one.

Who says that we work them hard?  But it pays off in the end.


A final farwell party the night before they are off to their mission destinations all over Africa.  This is our Oreo picture.

We grow to love them big or small.  They are special!!

While Heidi was here, we took her out to see the sights.  We always enjoy the names on the little market booths.  This is a Christian country and that is nice.

Occasionally, we go out to eat at a local restaurant, with other senior couples, who are always fun to be with.  This is one of the best restaurants for pizza.

 Of course, with Heidi visiting, we have a good excuse to eat at the Robison’s apartment.  Dr. Hill and Sister Hill joined us.  What wonderful people!

One of the excursions with Heidi, was the local bead making factory.  They take old bottles and recycle them by pounding them by hand, into powder.  Then they put them into forms for beads, and bake them in special handmade, mud ovens.  Next they paint them by hand.  They turn out surprisingly pretty. 

Can you imagine, how tedious it is to paint all these by hand?  They do turn out beautiful.

Just so you don’t think that the Africans aren’t techy, look at the age that they start their kids to learn to use a cell phone.

During January, the temple is closed for several weeks, so we have less missionaries arriving for that short time.  The interesting thing about this incoming group is that almost half of them are sisters.  What a blessing!

It doesn’t take long before we come to love them and they come to love each other, no matter where they are from or where they are going.  That is what this is all about, to spread the love of Jesus Christ and His Gospel to others, but it has to start with ourselves.  We see a lot of growth among the missionaries while they are here.  Some are learning a language, and that is a challenge in and of itself, and learning to get along together in harmony is important.  Some are the only members in their family.  Others have lost dear ones just before coming into the field.  Before long, they are dear friends with each other. What a blessing to get to know them.